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To Rent or to Buy Used Office Furniture???

When establishing a new business or growing a business, the idea of leasing or buying office furniture will need to be taken into account. In some cases companies will consider whether or not to rent office furniture or buy office furniture. Renting office furniture in the short term may seem like a good way to stay on a monthly budget and not decrease your cash flow. It can also seem like you are getting more furniture for your buck, especially if the office furniture is brand new, and you have a large selection to choose from. However, at the same time, there are also a few disadvantages to renting or leasing your office furniture.

The first reason you may not want to lease your office furniture is because you will spend far more money in the long run. After doing a cost analysis with Used Office Furniture Cincinnati, you will find that leasing or renting furniture can in the long run break the bank.  And, you may want to consider things like, what if your business no longer needs the furniture and your contract is not up with the leasing company yet. In this case, you may find yourself paying for a lease contract regardless of whether or not you need the furniture. To the dismay of most people that lease, most leasing companies will not let you out of the lease that you agreed upon, and or if they do, they will usually charge you a hefty penalty. If you are a new company, and or are starting to grow and you need more office resources, we at Used Office Furniture Cincinnati can help you with your decision on whether to lease or buy your office furniture.

Our professionals can work with you to show you why buying Used Office Furniture instead of leasing or renting, can be a huge cost savings of upwards to 40% to 80%. When buying used office furniture, you can still have furniture from high end designers, furniture that looks brand new, and furniture that can still meet your office needs without breaking the bank.

So, when you are deciding whether to lease or to buy office furniture, please give us a call at Used Office Furniture Cincinnati. We can make your office furniture buying decision a much more pleasurable experience while still meeting all your office furniture needs.