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Herman Miller A02 Used Cubicles, buy or sell – best prices in Cincinnati OH

Shopping for the best used office cubicles in the greater Cincinnati OH area is simple when you search the inventory at Integrity Wholesale Furniture. We have an entire warehouse full of some of the best refurbished office furniture in the region so you are sure to find exactly what you need when you shop with us. Even if your don’t live in the Cincinnati area or if your office or business is located somewhere else, you can search for what we have in stock by visiting our website.

If you are searching for great bargains on used Herman Miller AO2 cubicles, you can find exactly that at Integrity Wholesale Furniture. The AO2 cubicles are very popular among business owners for several reasons. One of the benefits of these used Herman Miller cubicles is that they helped revolutionize the office industry. AO2, which stands for the Action Office System, has several lines of cubicles for you to choose from and several of them are right here at Integrity Wholesale Furniture. The Herman Miller AO2 5×5 is available and they have 62 inch panels which helps add to the privacy for the workers when they are working inside their work station. These used office cubicles also have ample work surfaces for a variety of daily tasks and projects. The corner work surface, for instance, measures 24 inches by 30 inches while the two return work surfaces each measure 24 inches by 30 inches. There is also a 30 inch overhead bin that is best used for storing things so they don’t get in the way and decrease productivity. IN addition to that, there is also a locking filing cabinet pedestal included with these used office cubicles which helps keep your important documents safe and secure while still being at arm’s reach whenever you need them.

In addition to the quality merchandise and the affordable prices, Integrity Wholesale Furniture has a lot more to offer to today’s business owner. Do you know exactly how many cubicles will fit inside your office without taking up too much space? Our representatives know how to plan your office space in such a way that your employees can move around quickly without being hindered. We can do all of this and we do so much more for you when you shop with Integrity Wholesale Furniture. Contact us today to find out exactly what our company can do for your business.


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