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Help your office go green with our used Herman Miller AO2 6×6 cubicles.

Used Herman Miller AO2 6x6 Cubicles

Integrity Wholesale provides an impeccable selection of environmentally friendly office furniture solutions. We have pre-owned furniture of all kinds, from used cubicles, used executive desks, used conference tables, used seating, among many other things. We can help your company out by selling you great quality, previously owned office furniture that can help you reduce your carbon footprint. By buying from us, your business can work towards a LEED certification because you are promoting a sustainable environment by purchasing used. Our aim is to make sure that as many businesses as possible have the ability to purchase excellent quality furniture—many time as good as new—so that they might enjoy a cleaner conscience and a path to tax savings through great products like our used Herman Miller AO2 6×6 cubicles in Cincinnati.

used Herman Miller AO2 6x6 cubicles

Our warehouse facility boasts over 90,000 square feet of office space, which is illuminated by motion sensitive lighting. When part of our warehouse is empty, the lighting remains off, and we save a lot of energy. When someone walks in the area, the lights turn on, illuminating the area for as long as someone is working. Our facilities are equipped with air dryers to eliminate the waste of paper towels. We also recycle as much as we are able to, including scrap metal, so there is minimal waste. As a vendor of used office furniture, we practice what we preach, and we use all previously owned furnishings. We make a point to do our part as a business to eliminate waste and make the environment healthier.

Green initiatives have encouraged businesses across the company to look to Integrity Wholesale’s used furniture as a solution to sustainability. By buying from us, less material goes into landfills, and less of our nation’s raw materials are used to make new office furniture. Give us a call to find out how you can save money and contribute to a more sustainable environment with our used Herman Miller AO2 6×6 cubicles in Cincinnati.

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