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Have you been contemplating giving your business a makeover?  Updating the furniture in your office is a great way to revamp the way your business looks and give yourself the chance to bring newer, more innovative designs into the office to make for a better work environment.  Here at Integrity Wholesale Furniture, we can help you do just that in a more affordable way!  We carry top-quality brands and cutting-edge designs, and we make them available to your Cincinnati, Ohio business at the most budget friendly prices out there by offering them used, in fantastic condition!


Here are two modern looking, eye-catching, ergonomic products we have at present that you may want to consider bringing into your office space…

The Herman Miller Mirra Office Chair


Smooth lines and striking color choices are two aspects of this chair that give it its distinct visual appeal.  However, looking more closely at the functions of some of the seemingly odd design choices reveal that this model’s very intentional and intelligent design.


Normally when a person refers to there being tons of holes in a design, it’s a bad thing.  Not so with the Herman Miller Mirra chair – every single one of the hundreds of interestingly shaped punctures are what makes this chair the coveted piece of office furniture that it is.  These holes are the design secret that makes this chair so ergonomic and comfortable, even at the end of the day.  They create several ‘flex zones’ that each have a varying level of flexibility in order to provide the perfect amount of give – or support – needed for different areas of your back.


It wouldn’t be surprising if the first thing you noticed about this incredible chair were the bold colors.  Coming in bright hues of lime green, terracotta, blue, army green, and graphite, this chair can be counted on to liven up any office setting with an energetic pop of color.


The Herman Miller Aeron Chair


Part of the appeal of this Aeron chair is the fact that it can fit right in to any situation, making it as excellent a choice for a more traditional office setting as one that takes a more off the wall approach to their office’s design.  Not quite as flashy as its cousin, the Mirra chair, Herman Miller’s Aeron is a sleek, modern solution with some subtle but unique characteristics all of its own.


Currently available in the ever classic black, probably the most notable thing about this chair isn’t the ergonomic adjustment options or the timeless shape, but the material of which it is constructed.  This specially designed mesh material was made specifically for this chair.  It provides excellent air circulation to keep the person utilizing the chair at a comfortable temperature throughout the day, but it also does worlds of wonders for providing optimal support as well.


In order to make it the ultimate in comfort, this chair includes a long list of adjustable settings so each person can customize their chair to best suit their personal needs.  Adjust the seat height, tilt tension and limiter, forward tilt, arm height wheel and level, arm angle, and lumbar support.


In addition to these two fantastic used Herman Miller chairs, we carry a variety of cubicles and desks with that modern flair and same great quality construction you need to have.  Check out our online inventory, or contact us with any specific requests you might have in mind.  We have all the highest quality and most cutting edge designs, and we make them available to your Cincinnati, Ohio business at the most budget friendly prices there are!

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