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Buy used office chairs for your Cincinnati, Ohio business with this handy guide!

If your business is looking for inexpensive options that are still high quality for your office space, Integrity Wholesale furniture has got you covered.  We have been working out of the Cincinnati, Ohio region for years, where we maintain a massive warehouse, showroom, and actively work to address “quality of life” issues for our local businesses.


We have worked with a vast variety of businesses over our years in the office furniture business, and work hard to accommodate businesses big and small.  We know that your office or cubicle is where you spend a majority of your day, and the seating your body rests upon can drastically affect the way you feel throughout the day, or even more importantly… when you go home to the things in your life you care about most.  We offer great discounts on used products that are in great condition, making a higher-quality product price-competitive with cheaper imitations.



What’s the big problem?

One thing many business owners and managers don’t immediately consider when they want to get more productivity out of their employees is how the posturing of their seating might negatively impact their employees’ ability to work well.  Even if it’s not the first conclusion you come to, it can be an obvious possibility.  Many of the “bargain-brand” chairs are made quickly and cheaply, without much consideration for fine-engineering or ergonomics.



Our promise to you:

For as many decades as we’ve been in business, it has been our hope to make our customer’s business lives easier. And why shouldn’t it be? Your business is your livelihood, and you should be able to trust the word of those who you deal with. That’s why we stand behind our product 100%, so that you know you’re getting exactly what you want. All of our services, like used office furniture buyback, are carefully crafted to be easy, straight-forward, and most importantly, helpful. We can provide space planning, interior design, moving, and other services too, just to make sure your business can stay on track.


Examples of used chairs from High-Quality brands:

Herman Millers Aeron Chairs are by and large considered to be the best general purpose office chairs available in the modern office.  Their appeal is driven by the combination of function and form.  The original concept of function over form came from the German Bauhaus movement, which went on to influence industrial design across the globe.  These chairs, tight and controlled, demonstrate subtle hints of their functionality in the subtle grace of their curves, and very subtle yet deliberate mesh seating and backing.  These are great chairs to keep in mind as a meter stick for the “A-list” of chairs.  They’re new, they’re stylish, and they’re comfortable.


If you’re looking for a more standard, yet comfortable and dependable approach to office seating, the Herman Miller Reaction Chairs have served as an industry staple. While they aren’t the epitome of “forward-thinking” from a design perspective, they do exactly what they are supposed to… and quite well to boot! These guys are universally recognized, and universally comfortable. They are instantly recognizable as props pieces for many modern office sitcoms, because everyone knows them.


For something between traditional and cutting edge, why not try the Haworth X99 Chair? It has a traditional seat and a mesh back, so they offer a bit from both worlds, and they hit their mark. The silver metallic trim offers a bit of a minimalist element, while the high back suggests an aire of elegance and nobility. These are designed from the ground up by Haworth, and are one of their current best-selling designs. Our stores carry variations like zinc, which is a soft medium between grey and black.



All Brands are NOT created equal.

Top quality brands, such as Herman-Miller, Knoll-Morrison, Steelcase, Allsteel, Teknion, and Haworth, all have excellent track records with consideration for design elements which are focused around promoting circulation, air-flow, and comfort for your employees.  Even in a successful office environment, these design elements can allow for higher levels of motivation and productivity.  While many of the generic or lower quality chairs might have the “same” settings, such as lumbar support adjustment, but only these tested brands have the expertise to guarantee that the natural contour of the seat will accurately correlate to the setting on the adjustment.  For reason, it’s better to stick to the top brands.


At Integrity Wholesale furniture, we make it a point to be direct and honest. We pride ourselves on saving you, our customers, the run-around, because technology and business were supposed to make things easier. If you fill out this simple form, we can better service you, and see what you’re looking for. Come see for yourself why Integrity Wholesale is the primary carrier of top-tier, name-brand office furniture in the Cincinnati, Ohio area!

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