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Each office chair is designed with different intentions in mind, and some chairs may be better suited for certain purposes than others.  For example, you wouldn’t normally seat your employees at their desks for eight hours in the same chairs you use for a training room!  Likewise, you probably wouldn’t utilize the same type of chair for your conference room as you would for the lobby.  Certain types of chairs generally serve specific purposes, as you know, and here at Integrity Wholesale Furniture we’re happy to carry the right type of used office chairs for every purpose you could have need for.


Haworth is a well-known and much trusted brand in regards to higher end office furniture, and we’re pleased to offer both of these items to you today in wonderful condition and at a steep discount from regular retail price.

The Haworth Comforto is one exceptional chair that may indeed appropriately pull off multiple uses without anyone blinking an eye.  In appearance, it resembles a cross between a standard desk chair and a stationary multi-purpose chair of sorts – it’s got a short, rectangular back, but the back is full, contoured, lightly cushioned, and covered in fabric.  It has wider arms and a rolling base like so many standard office chairs have, as well.


This gorgeous Haworth Comforto chair is available in three different colors – see the product page for examples!  It’s always nice to have that added splash of color around the office to improve the atmosphere a little, and this chair is a great way to accomplish that.


This Comforto chair is the perfect design to allow it to fit right in for a variety of uses, from the training room to guest seating in your office.  For this reason the Comforto chair can be one investment that goes a long way for your spending budget.  In addition to the already affordable price for which we have it available, it can save you money by saving you from having to purchase multiple chairs for different purposes.


Another stellar chair from Haworth is their Improv task chair.  This chair’s smooth contours exude comfort.  Wide arms provide great support to help prevent shoulder, back, and neck pain over time.  Liberally cushioned back and seat ensure it’s a comfortable chair to pass the time in when accomplishing various tasks throughout the day.


This Improv task chair has multiple adjustments so that each employee can customize the chair to their individual needs.  Adjust seat height, arm angle, and more to make this chair optimized for each individual, making sure it provides the greatest support for a variety of people in various shapes and sizes.


This Improv chair comes with black wheels, base and arms, with the fabric covered seat and back in an understated green.  This provides a subtle bit of color that doesn’t draw too much attention to itself.  Visit the product page for pictures!  We also have another listing for this same chair in a rich terracotta.


Of course, here at Integrity Wholesale Furniture, we always have a varied selection of executive chairs, stacking chairs, and lobby furniture as well – let us know what you need and it will be our pleasure to help you find the perfect office furniture for your Cincinnati, Ohio business!  View our online inventory, like our used office chairs, or contact us for a specific request.

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